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Toyota Supra Top Secret Style Bodykit JZA80 Meduza Design Ltd

Under the bonnet, you'll find the 5.0-litre '1GZ-FE' engine from the Toyota Century. Yep, Japan's sole production V12. There's not much of the original engine left though, and with some.

A Top Secret Supra Mk. 4 Isn't The Sort Of Car You Expect To See On The Nordschleife

Built by legendary firm Top Secret, this Supra packs a twin-turbo V12 originally from a Toyota Century and boasts a truly bonkers 222 mph top speed. It's about as absurd as a Supra could be. BH.

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Top Secret Co., Ltd. (株式会社トップシークレット, Kabushiki-gaisha Toppu Shīkuretto) is a Japanese automobile tuner and parts manufacturer. The company was founded by Japanese automotive engineer and driver, Kazuhiko "Smokey" Nagata. [1] The company is mainly known for its tuning, aftermarket parts, body kits, and performance engineering.

Toyota Supra Top Secret Style Bodykit JZA80 Meduza Design Ltd

On this episode we're back with Trap Team and their collection of legendary Japanese cars! Back in 2018 we featured Smokey Nagata's Twin Turbo V12 Swapped To.

A 300+km/h Blast From Top Secret's Past Speedhunters

One particular car that has left a long-lasting impression is the Top Secret A80 Toyota Supra, built by the legendary performance car artisan Kazuhiko Nagata; best known as 'Smokey' Nagata. What makes this Supra particularly special is both what's under the hood, and also what Smokey attempted to do in it.

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The only hybrid thing about the Top Secret Toyota is how Smoky successfully mated a V-12 to a Supra. Consider that this engine is the same length as the original 2JZ-GTE I-6 with an.

A 300+km/h Blast From Top Secret's Past Speedhunters

RobDrivesCars allthingslow/ Top Secret was a brand found in literal secrecy. By day, Kazuhiko "Smokey" Nagata worked at Trust, the parent company for GReddy, but by night he worked on.

Top Secret Supra. StanceNation™ // Form > Function

Japanese tuning firm Top Secret made a name for itself back in 1999 when its founder, Kazuhiko "Smoky" Nagata, took a Supra with the company's distinct bodykit to 197 mph on a public road in.

Go For Gold With This Mental 222MPH V12 Toyota Supra

The V12-powered Top Secret Supra, created by Smokey Nagata, is a legendary high-performance sports car. It features a meticulously crafted V12 engine, delivering extraordinary power and speed..

2017 IATS Top Secret Supra GT300 Daniel Hovdahl40 Speedhunters

This MkIV Toyota Supra (VIN JZA801001735) started life as a JDM RZ or twin-turbo model, but has since been extensively modified by one of Japan's most established and respected tuner houses, Top Secret of Chiba. Underneath the in-house developed widebody kit the car packs a built and twin-turbocharged Century V12 making nearly 1000 HP, and.

Toyota Supra Top Secret Style Bodykit JZA80 Meduza Design Ltd

One day people started messaging me that "a Top Secret Supra" is on its way to the Nürburgring. Soon I got in touch with it's owner Jörgen (https://www.insta.

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Top Secret paired the V12 with a Getrag V161 six-speed manual gearbox and Cusco way LSD to make "930" the Smokey Nagata Supra horsepower. One more Smokey Nagata Supra detail you need to know is that the two HKS GT2835 turbochargers, are responsible for the car's 930 horsepower and 745 lb-ft of torque on 17 psi of boost.

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December 26, 2023 A famous smoking Japanese tuner that goes by the name of Smokey Nagata is known for making outrageous cars that can reach well above 200mph. His most famous creation the V12 Twin turbo Supra and the otherworldly GTR are known to violate the maximum speed limits where ever they go.

Riding In Top Secret’s Legendary 943 PS Toyota Supra Is Amazing Carscoops

[spotted] 240mph Top Secret Supra in Houston, Texas Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Locked post. New comments cannot be posted.. Umm, I think Top Secret is the tuner/engineering house that built the car. I wasn't sure if you knew that or not reading your comment.

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Back in the early 2000s, Japanese tuning firm Top Secret started work on a MkIV Toyota Supra powered by a V-12 engine lifted out of a Toyota Century. The car, which along with its engine.

Guess Where? Top Secret's V12 Supra Speedhunters

76K 4M views 5 years ago Smokey Nagata's Top Secret V12 Twin Turbo Toyota Supra! What a great experience getting the chance to shoot this piece of automotive history. The car was debuted.

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