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While no one is certain that Leo Messi is the owner of the 1957 335S Spider, it is a proven fact that the Argentinian has a more modern F430 Spyder in his collection. The 4.3L V8 engine is the F430 was the first Ferrari-Maserati engine produced to not be related to the Dino engine from the 50s. 503hp producing a top speed of 196mph, the Ferrari.

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Lionel Messi car collection is a captivating blend of top-tier automotive craftsmanship. From the adrenaline-pumping speed of Ferraris to the artistic precision of Paganis and the refined elegance of Maseratis, Messi's garage is a sanctuary for automotive enthusiasts.

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This makes his car collection about $10 million more in value compared to Cristiano Ronaldo's. The two have more than a healthy competition going, both on and off the field. Messi has beaten Ronaldo to the coveted Ballon d'Or award, seven to five. There were even rumors that Messi outbid Ronaldo in 2016, on a one-of-four vintage Ferrari.

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Lionel Messi Cars Collection List: Pagani Zonda Tricolore, Mercedes SLS AMG and more. The FIFA World Cup final at Lusail Stadium in Qatar was a match to remember. A nailbiting final, it was.

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Considering Messi is one of the world's richest athletes with a net worth of around £500 million, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Argentine possesses an amazing car collection.

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The maxed-out model had an estimated cost of well over $120,000, as Audi installed pretty much any single option it could find just to make sure Lionel Messi is satisfied with the car.

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Champion Lionel Messi's Car Collection - Worth Almost $4 Million Game of Collections: Messi's 8 Golden Ballon d'Ors Nearly Match His Fleet of Fancy Cars! Andrew Kuttow October 31, 2023 Home Lamborghini Lionel Messi, renowned worldwide for his extraordinary skills on the football pitch, also harbors a passion for remarkable automobiles.

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The least expensive cars in Messi's collection are a Lexus RX 450h and Mini Cooper. The Lexus cost him around $46,800 and the Mini Cooper costs around $19,733. More for You

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Lionel Messi, while known for his extravagant car collection, also has a soft spot for zippy little convertibles that offer both fun and functionality. Enter the Mini Cooper S Convertible - a testament to Messi's love for cars that combine style with spirited performance.

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Leo Messi purchased Ferrari F430 Spyder for $164,490.

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The Argentine star has amassed a fashionable car collection, from a $36 million Ferrari to a rare Pagani Zonda worth $5 million. The Argentina World Cup winner Leo Messi own a fleet of luxury cars.

Lionel Messi’s Car Collection You Should Know About

Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti. Messi has the world's most expensive super car, the Ferrari 335 Scaglietti of 1957, which he bought from an auction in 2016 by beating another football star Cristiano Ronaldo that worth £30,245,650. This vintage racing car is one of a kind and has a classic appearance that easily resembles a retro vibe.

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One of our favourite cars from the Lionel Messi car collection is the R8. Since the Atomic Flea is a brand ambassador for Audi, he actually owns a fleet of them. Starting with the RS6, he also owns a Q8, A7 and, of course, an R8 Spyder. It appears to be designed for speed, but the cockpit comes equipped with the finest German luxury trimmings.

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1 Ferrari Brand 335 S Spider Scaglietti Model $35M Value The first car on this list is one of Messi's most prized possessions - his unique and extremely rare Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti. It's one of those cars that most car enthusiasts never get to see in person since only four units have ever been made.

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Lionel Messi also owns an ultra-exclusive 1957 Ferrari 355 S Spider Scaglietti, which is one of the rarest Ferraris on this planet. Only four units of this car were made, all of which got a 4.0-litre 390 PS V12 engine. This open-top two-seater sports car was bought by Lionel Messi in a public auction for a staggering 25 million GBP. Pagani Zonda

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Check out Lionel Messi's car collection. By Spencer See July 27, 2023 13 min read Lionel Messi is arguably the greatest player of all time when it comes to soccer. Under his belt,.

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