wz.88 Tantal Weapons

Tantal wz.88 Arsenał Silesia Sklep z bronią

The Polish wz.88 Tantal AK-74S rifle/carbine actually has some unique features vs. Russian and Bulgarian AKs. According to both the High Standard Manufacturing and Atlantic Firearms websites, they are: 1) The gas tube is floated between the gas block and the rear sight support. It does not touch the handguard.

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Kbk wz.88 (Tantal) Infantry Small Arms / The Warfighter Kbk wz.88 (Tantal) Automatic Rifle / Assault Carbine [ 1991 ] The wz. 1988 Tantal is little more than a Polish copy of the Russian-produced AK-74S model series with some Polish modifications.

wz.88 Tantal Weapons

AK47-MAG-30(EG)- AK47 Magazine-7.62mm-30rd-Steel- E German- New in Wrapper.

Tantal wz. 88 Opisy Broni

AK- TANTAL (WZ .88) Showing all 7 results. Disconnector Spring $ 4.00 Add to cart. FC Plate $ 25.00 Read more. Hammer Spring $ 10.00 Read more. Hand Guard Bracket $ 30.00 Read more. Magazine Pouch $ 6.00 Read more. Muzzle Break $ 65.00 Read more. Trigger Spring $ 10.00 Read more. Search for: Search. AGUILA AMMUNITION.

Tantal wz 88 5.45 mm (With images) Broń

My WZ 88 / Tantal Build. With a few new builds popping up, I've decided to share my start to finish Tantal build. I did this build a little while back, so I may have different techniques etc that I'll mention. I attempted to do my best in documenting every step in how I build my AK's. This will cover demilling, bending and prepping the flat.

wz.88 Tantal Weapons

The Tantal is a selective fire, gas piston operated weapon that taps expanding exhaust gases off through a port in the barrel to a gas cylinder above the barrel. The barrel is locked against its longitudinal axis by a right rotating bolt. A spring extractor is contained inside the bolt head, and a fixed ejector—inside the receiver housing.

wz.88 Tantal Weapons

wz. 88 Tantal was used by the Polish army, it was replaced by wz.96 Beryl. 5.45 mm ammunition is no longer manufactured in Poland and existing rifles are only used for training. Home of the web's largest AK library and is owned by Guns Network LLC. #1 Gun Discussion board on the web!

POL wz. 88 Tantal Poland (POL)

wz.88 Tantal A Tantalean Ordeal or How the Poles Got to Have their Small-Caliber Kalashnikov Made "My Way" The early production night-version of 5.45 mm kbk wz.88 Tantal by Leszek Erenfeicht and Lt.Col. Dr. Mirosław Zahor

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July 17, 2021 Ian McCollum Select-fire Rifles 18. Polish wz.88 Tantal at the Range. Yesterday we took a look at the history and the design of the Polish wz.88 Tantal, and today we are taking it out to the range. Let's see how that unique Polish 3-round-burst works!

wz.88 Tantal Weapons

The Polish wz88, better known as the "Tantal" was Poland's 5.45x39 counterpart to the Soviet AK74. It was developed "in-house" by the Poles as a small caliber alternative to licensing the Soviet design as the Bulgarians and East Germans did. The development history of the rifle is told very well in this article ( wz.88 Tantal ?

Polish Standard Wz.88 Tantal Assault Rifle PALLAD Armedkomando

The karabinek wzór 1988 (Carbine Model 1988) Tantal is a 5.45×39mm assault rifle designed and produced in Poland in the late 1980s. Design work on the new rifle officially began in 1984 at the government-owned Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy (OBR) in the city of Radom at the request of the Polish Ministry of Defense (the OBR institute had already been studying a possible 5.45mm weapon since late.

wz.88 Tantal Weapons

The Tantal rifle, distinctly recognizable for its unique folding stock and muzzle break, is the Polish development of the AK74, and is hailed as one of the best build versions of that rifle. These James River Armory semiautomatic rifles are built on original parts kits with US receivers and come with one 30 round US made magazine. All rifles ship in a hard shell case for maximum protection.

wz.88 Tantal Weapons

Polish wz.88 Tantal at the Range - YouTube © 2023 Google LLC http://www.patreon.com/ForgottenWeaponshttps://www.floatplane.com/channel/ForgottenWeapons/homeCool Forgotten Weapons merch!.

wz.88 Tantal Weapons

The rifle was an indigenous circumvention of the Soviet AK-74. Looking Forward The Polish 5.45mm rifle program was codenamed Project Tantal. Initial studies were undertaken at the renowned Radom factory's research center as early as the spring of 1980. The receiver of the AKM was modernized only out of necessity.

wz.88 Tantal Weapons

Polish Tantal WZ.88 Polish Tantal WZ.88 51 Items Sort By Polish Tantal AK-74 Cleaning Kit, 5.45x39 *Good* $15.00 Add to Cart Polish Tantal wz.88 / AK-74 Bipod, Military Issue *Very Good* Rating: $34.79 Add to Cart Polish Tantal wz.88 Barrel Pin *Very Good* $7.00 Add to Cart

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Polish Tantal $ 1,649.00 SOLD OUT Wz. 88 Polish rifles, chambered in 5.45×39 Specs: Built entirely in-house by us at The AK Guy Inc Chrome lined barrel Built with a surplus Polish parts kit, all forged components Ambidextrous safety selector Side folding wire stock Tango Down pistol grip Ships in a hard case Includes one Magpul 30 round P-mag

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