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1350 RP Skin Lore Ekko joins Ashe's group to save the city from PROJECT 's inhumane plans and practices. Skin Attributes The skin has a robotic theme that fits nicely with the champion's theme. However, most players who have used this skin expressed some degree of disappointment.

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Release: May 14, 2020 + Wishlist 1350 Last Sale: June 13, 2022 Hide Chromas True Damage Ekko Release: November 10, 2019 Wishlist Legendary 1820

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All Ekko Skins Spotlight League of LegendsNew sounds effects for SKT T1 Ekko: 00:03 Classic Ekko 6300 IP x 975 RP 02.

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Price: 1350 RP This skin definitely takes Ekko in quite the interesting direction. But I just can't say it hits the spot perfectly. When it comes to the character model, this skin offers a very unique take, giving Ekko golden armor, a sword, and a set of hair that even roosters would be jealous of.

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Original Ekko He resembles The Kid from Bastion. His bat resembles the titular weapon from Transistor. Both games were made by Supergiant Games. He might have been inspired by the Scout from Team Fortress 2. The Slums of Zaun and his afterimage can be seen in the background. The writing behind Ekko resembles Alienese from Futurama. Sandstorm Ekko Chromas: Citrine, Obsidian, Pearl, Peridot.

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PROJECT: Ekko is a futuristic skin for the champion Ekko in the popular online game League of Legends. This skin is part of the PROJECT skin line, which features champions in a dystopian cybernetic world. With its sleek design and high-tech animations, PROJECT: Ekko offers players a unique and visually stunning experience.

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Academy ekko has glasses in game wich lead to p tier. 1. DrSquizzy. •. Sandstorm is s everything else is f. 1. FancyCamel. •. True damage and pulsefire S, everything else A except for Project which sits at a D because of its shitty clinky sound effects.


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Is there anybody with the talent to take advantage of such a dangerous game? Meet Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time. He's seen things that were never meant to be and things that should've been. Learn more about his adventures in time with his skins' review. Sandstorm Ekko Academy Ekko PROJECT: Ekko SKT T1 Ekko Trick or Treat Ekko Conclusion

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Ekko, a cybernetic time traveler, fits seamlessly into the cyberpunk theme of the PROJECT skin line. Riot's transition from steampunk to cyberpunk for Ekko is both natural and visually stunning. Decked out in advanced tech armor that resembles an exoskeleton, he wields a mesmerizing translucent green blade.

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Project: Ekko in League of Legends database. champion skins images, stats, release date. First of all, the release date of Project: Ekko refers to August 2, 2016 in Season 6. This skin belongs to the Ekko. Players have an option to purchase this champion skin for 1350 Riot Points, which equals $10.8.

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League of Legends Firelight Ekko Skin Spotlight.Purchase RP here (Amazon Affiliate - NA): off Animations and Ability Effects of.

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PROJECT: Ekko. Ekko. PROJECT. PROJECT. A hacker prodigy picked up from the lower sectors by Ashe, it didn't take much to convince Ekko to help her take down PROJECT. Using a powerful key decrypter and a mind tuned for disruption, Ekko can always find a way into the code. View on SkinSpotlights

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NO MEDIA AVAILABLE More Ekko skins Default Ekko Academy Ekko Firelight Ekko Prestige Star Guardian Ekko PROJECT: Ekko Pulsefire Ekko Sandstorm Ekko SKT T1 Ekko Star Guardian Ekko Trick or Treat Ekko True Damage Ekko Skins in the PROJECT collection PROJECT: Akali PROJECT: Ashe PROJECT: Fiora PROJECT: Irelia PROJECT: Irelia Prestige Edition

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League of Legends PROJECT: Ekko Custom Skin. Pre-Order/Purchase Latest Games Online: [20% OFF CODE: CUSTOM-LEAGUE-GAMING] Improve LoL.

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Share 12 Min Read Image Credits: Riot Games As Ekko is one of the most versatile champions of all time, now is the best time to look at all of his skins. Contents How Many Ekko Skins Are There in 2023? LoL Best Ekko Skins 11. Academy Ekko 10. SKT T1 Ekko 9. PROJECT: Ekko 8. Prestige Star Guardian Ekko 7. Breakout True Damage Ekko 6.

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