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That Time Lance Was Chained To A Tree. By: thewhiteleovaldez. WARNINGS: smut, gay smut, kind of OOC, kind of PWP (Porn Without Plot) Bondage. Definitely Bondage. "Now can you come unchain me?" I called to my helmet, which was on the ground. Keith's voice came through.

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Lance has always had a crush on Keith. But when Keith gets injured problems arise. I obviously don't own any of the Voltron characters. Keith has locked himself in his space room, Everyone is worried, and Lance is missing his gym shirt. ♤Disclaimer♤ I do not own Voltron only the fanfiction and plot. Read the most popular galrakeithxlance.

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Keith/Lance (Voltron) minor Allura/Lance (Voltron) - Relationship Keith (Voltron) Lance (Voltron) Allura (Voltron) Shiro (Voltron) Hunk (Voltron) Pidge (Voltron) Coran (Voltron) Lance's Family Minor Original Character (s) - Character Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence /Alternate Ending Fluff Friends to Lovers Mutual Pining lance pov Slow Burn

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[halleseed] A MATING MOMENT! - Voltron: Legendary Defender dj [Eng] October 29, 2022 To Comments Filed Under: Voltron dj Language: English Pairing: Lance x Keith Genres: Omegaverse, Yaoi Tagged With: Full Color, halleseed, Hardcore Pages: 1 2 Comment Note:

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01 Jan 2024 Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Keith/Lotor (Voltron) Keith/Shiro (Voltron) Lotor (Voltron) Shiro (Voltron) Omega Verse Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics Alpha Lotor (Voltron) Omega Keith (Voltron) Anal Sex Sex Toys Shiro breaks into Lotor's house to find Keith. Lotor has his own plans for letting Keith go. Part of Inescapable English

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Voltron | Reader Allura Pidge Hunk Coran Shiro Lance | Romance Keith Legendary Defender Keith X Reader. (Voltron Keith x Reader) One night Pidge wanted you to come to the roof of the Garrison. Little did you know where that night would lead you. Ending up to a weird alien castle and finding out that you are a Paladin of Voltron, piloting the.

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Lance x Keith Voltron Keith/Lance - Freeform Keith just had to make the choice to take Lance to get his wisdom teeth removed - a decision he doesn't regret at the end of the day. Especially, when you get a very cute and honest Lance as a result. English Words: 2,122 Chapters: 1/1 7 Kudos: 473 Bookmarks: Hits: 6,761 21 Sep 2016 Keith (Voltron)

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A Season of Evolution There's a reason Season 3 is known as "The Klance Season." As the team faces big changes, Keith and Lance strengthen their relationship through many close interactions. Lance comes to accept Keith as the new Black Paladin, a position that he himself has desired for a while.

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LANCE x KIETH FINALLY KISS!? - Romantic Klance Comic Dub Compilation 2020 BuzzProductions 277K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 15K Share 491K views 3 years ago #klance Subscribe for more daily.

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Lance told Keith all that he was thinking, all his secrets and insecurities, and in turn, Keith told Lance his. They spoke throughout the entire night, sometimes pausing to bring their lips together, only to break apart and keep talking. Eventually, they grew tired. Keith insisted that Lance stay there with him, and the result was them laying.

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Leith, Laith Klance is the slash ship between Keith and Lance from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom. Canon Lance and Keith weren't always friends.

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# 1 Lost and found by Niko-chan457 3K 25 6 A/N: this happened when Keith left the team and join the blade of the Marmora, meet his mom, lotor goes against the galra by helping Voltron. Lily (Female lance) was on a. Completed haggar galra keith +17 more # 2 Casters of Voltron by RaiaYuki 2.3K 126 7

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Keith (Voltron) is Bad at Feelings. Half-Galra Keith (Voltron) lance is patient. Ugly Sweaters. relying on mistletoe instead of communicating. being so dumb and in love. It's Christmas, a year after the war. Keith and Lance have bought a house and settled down together. Platonically, of course.

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Lance (Voltron) Original Keith/Lance (Voltron) Child (ren) Pidge | Katie Holt Hunk (Voltron) Shiro (Voltron) Smut Fluff and Smut Pregnancy Kink Praise Kink Friends to Lovers Bisexual Lance (Voltron) Trans Keith (Voltron) Trans Male Character Gay Keith (Voltron) Oral Fixation Pregnant Keith (Voltron) Keith felt like he was ready for another kid.

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keithxlance +22 more # 2 Little one by THEKINGYOURSTRULY 151K 2.9K 38 Kieth is kidnapped by the Galra for being an Omega, but is also kicked off team Voltron because of other reasons. Now Kieth is held as prince Lotors mate, pregnant with. bladeofmarmora lotoralpha justtryingsomethingnew +21 more # 3

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keith yaoi hunk +18 more # 3 Klance - Percy Jackson AU: "Cloud. by sophie_chis 3.1K 141 7 *ALSO ON AO3* Camp half blood has not been troubled for many years. No quarrelling gods, no psycho titans, no mass world destruction- nothing (bar a few monsters stumbli. lancexkeith percyjackson hunk +14 more # 4 Klance comic by ItAmy 3.2M 67.5K 198

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