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A brief history of Charles James, the designer who inspired Phantom

Published: Sep 23, 2014 357 Favourites Comments 32.4K Views Charles X Reader: Bad Nightmares (One-Shot!) It hadn't been long since you had figured out that you could manipulate the elements with your mutant abilities, Charles had been keeping a good eye on you and had been trying his best to help you control your elemental abilities.

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8 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 James Charles x reader by july 2.5K 14 7 you and james charles WERE in love lol but he PLAYED you lol and that was not poggers. Completed jamescharlesxreader jamescharles scuffed +6 more # 2 james charles x reader by Cheopstiqs 392 0 3 yes Completed bad jamescharles jamesxreader +8 more # 3

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# 1 The Professors (Reader x Charles X. by lslytherinl 148K 4.3K 32 Y/n is a mutant with a bad history, but what happens when you make friends with a waitress and a professor just like you. Ranks: #1 Charles #1 Eriklehnsherr #1 Charlesxa. Completed xavier magneto charles +10 more # 2 faceless ~ charles leclerc x reader by ~ Storm ~ 10.5K 301 4

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James Charles x Reader Content Guidelines Report this story You may also like MISTRESS OF NATURE 90 parts Complete Betrayed by the people she once loved, cared for, and protected, Queen Gatria is determined to make. Error 404 73 parts Ongoing Mature Rebel Simmons was just a girl who was dealt a shitty hand in the game of life.

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James Charles/Reader; James Charles; Smut; fucked up smut; This is my first fic on this site lol; this is a joke btw; OR IS IT; James is scary in this;. Jeffree Star and James Charles, Shane and Trisha, Virgie Tovar and Vinnie Hacker, Addison Rae and Logan Paul, and Tana herself with Jaclyn. Towards the end of the party, Kiera and Morgz were.

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January 22, 2024, 1:00am. Zayn Malik at Valentino. Stephane Feugere/WWD. DATE NIGHT: Valentino made a chic date night for Jameela Jamil and James Blake, who took in Friday's show from the front.

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Piarate!James au (mermaid reader) (request) You're basking in the rays of the hot summer sun, your holographic pink tail fluttering in the cool water of your lagoon, when you hear the sound of an approaching ship. Across the water comes a shout. "Ahoy, Sisters!" You dive into the water and start to sister swim in the direction of the voice.

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40.6K 551 58. Y/N Scherer moves to LA to live with her brother Corey Scherer and his friends in the trap house. She's friends with the Dolan twins and James Charles and becomes friend. Completed. traphouse. instergram. jakewebber. +14 more. # 5.

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James Charles/Shrek (Shrek) Shrek (Shrek) James Charles. True Love. Cutesy. shrek smiled, with his teeth yellow and rotten, that sparkled in the sun, and his eyes that were a dirty mud brown; and gently, placed a kiss on james's cheek. he moved his daddy's hair back carefully, before staring into the other's hazelnut orbs. and then he spoke.

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James McAvoy - Fandom 03 Jul 2023 Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings James McAvoy/Reader James McAvoy Fanfiction James Mcavoy - Freeform Kink glass split Kinks Maid master - Freeform Master/Servant Consensual Sex AU Charles Xavier - Freeform Professor X - Freeform X-men - Freeform It Chapter Two Bill Denbrough - Freeform

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Charles Xavier x plus size reader. When the world learned of the existence of mutants after the incident in Cuba, you thought you had lost your family forever but you've been wrong before. Warnings: angst, anti-mutant sentiment, long lost lovers, little bit of fluff. WC: 650. Minors DNI.

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James is greeted with a nervous grin, calloused fingers hovering over the register. First days are always stressful, but James can't help but encourage Grayson- even if his order was horribly wrong. There's only one way to make up for such a mistake and Grayson doesn't disappoint.

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188 7 by homo_alone As the doctor left you sat up and looked around before hearing it " renagade renagade renagade " You quickly reached for the button to call a nurse but before you could hit it Charli D'Amelio storms in doing the RENAGADE Followed by James ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ–๏ธ๐Ÿคš You scream in fear realizing your favorite sister doesn't have hIs boOTY chEEKs

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This is a compilation of all the short stories I have written for December. These are just the ideas because I have yet to expand on them, but I will be opening a poll, and whichever idea gets the most votes, I will write about first. (I have to finish the summaries because I just started writing th.

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James Charles x reader. july. Fanfiction. Full. 12-02-2022. James Charles x reader. 14 likes / 2,187 reads. Read Stories. you and james charles WERE in love lol but he PLAYED you lol and that was not poggers. Tags: #charlidemilio #jamescharles #jamescharlesff #jamescharlesxreader #jasonderulo #jasonderuloff #pogchamp #scuffed #weird.

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