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Watch on Helix Piercing 101: The Beginner's Guide to Getting and Caring for Your Piercing If you're considering getting a helix piercing, it's important to know what to expect from the healing process and how to take care of your new piercing.

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A helix piercing is a type of cartilage piercing that is placed alongside the rim of your ear. Since the helix piercing is the most famous type of cartilage piercing, both terms are now used interchangeably. So, if you go to get a cartilage piercing, don't be surprised if the piercing specialist asks you which cartilage piercing you would.

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Helix piercings are cartilage piercings that can be placed anywhere along the upper and outer ridge of the ear. Triple Helix Piercing Like the double helix, the triple helix features multiple piercings positioned just above each other. The difference is that instead of two piercings, this option features three.

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A forward helix piercing is placed on the outer (usually upper) cartilage closest to your face by being pierced through the forward-facing surface directly above the tragus . This piercing is done in a very typical fashion, so there's nothing too exciting about it.

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A helix piercing isn't generally very expensive. You have to be willing to pay an average of $50. Of course, the amount you will pay depends on the experience of the piercer, the location of the piercing studio, and the jewelry you prefer. We can say that the price of a helix piercing is usually between $30 and $75.

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There are about 10 different types of cartilage piercings available, but I decided to go for the helix which is the most popular choice. "This particular piercing is located at the upper part of the ear and placed in the outer rim of the cartilage," explains Charlotte Collins, Astrid & Miyu's piercing mentor and expert. The positioning of the helix allows you to wear a variety of.

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136 reviews of STUDS Century City "Booked online prior to getting pierced. When I arrived, the whole process was extremely smooth. I filled out a waiver, picked my jewelry and got pierced all within 15 minutes. My piercer was awesome and did a smooth job. She recommended the right earrings for my ears. I love how it looks :)"

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Helix piercings should be done by a professional piercer in a clean, reputable piercing or tattoo studio to ensure safety and quality. Here's how you might go about finding a good place to get a helix piercing: Research: Look for reputable piercing studios in your local area or online. Look for reviews, ratings, and testimonies from customers.

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The answer is: yes. "A helix piercing is any piercing along the upper and outside cartilage ridge of the ear," says Studs piercer Shannon Freed. "Anatomically, the term helix describes that.

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Helix piercing. An area of ear tissue just below the ridge on the downward turn of the arc near the ridge. Flat Helix piercing. An earring stud is slotted along the top arch of the ridge, slightly away from the curve for a more natural appearance. Pain and Healing Time.

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The widely popular helix piercing is probably what you think of when you think of a cartilage piercing. Located in the upper cartilage of the ear, it's easy to confuse the helix piercing for other piercing types, like the auricle or conch cartilage piercings.

Love this Helix slot for where my existing cartilage is Tragus

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Jewelry Contact us Learn 0 Discover the fascinating world of helix piercings in this comprehensive guide. From the basics to aftercare tips, Pierced provides a wealth of information on this trendy ear piercing style. Explore various aspects of helix piercings, including types, procedure, pain levels, healing process, and more.

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Hoggarth/Shutterstock. Helix piercings look really cool, but one of the major downsides is the long healing process. While you might be prepared to take care of the piercing until it heals, keep in mind that it will be a while before you can show off all the new jewelry you bought for it.


A helix piercing is also called a cartilage piercing because of its location somewhere on the outer cartilage of your ear. There are several variations on the piercing, including the forward helix, double helix, triple helix, and anti-helix ( or snug) piercings—what differentiates the types is where they're located on the ear.

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Piercer Laura Bond explains that the flat area at the top of the ear, immediately below the helix, is known as the 'flat helix'. "The forward helix is the part of the helix closest to the side of the face, where the ear attaches to the head, directly above the tragus," she tells us. "It's a small surface area but dainty studs or hoops.

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