Daily Life in New York in the 1940s Told Through 25 B&W Images

Hipsterless Brooklyn Vintage Photos From a Vanished World

This is a timeline and chronology of the history of Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn is the most populous of New York City's boroughs, and was settled in 1646. 17th century 1646 - Village of "Breuckelen" on the western end of Long Island authorized by the colonizing Dutch West India Company for their North American colony of New Netherland.

Earth In The Past Photos That Show Brooklyn During The 1940s

November 30, 1940 Work done by the Art Departments of the Vocational High Schools of New York City, arranged as an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum called "Art in Industry," will go on public view Saturday, November 30 after an invitation preview on Friday afternoon, to continue through January 12.. Brooklyn, New York 11238-6052 The.

Daily Life in New York in the 1940s Told Through 25 B&W Images

Welcome to 1940s Brooklyn By Brooklyn Magazine and Brooklyn Magazine "In 1943, four local newspapers published a New York City Market Analysis. Largely forgotten in the 70 years since, the document provides an amazing window into New York's neighborhoods of that era."

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See what your building looked like way before you were even born. The New York City Department of Taxation took photos of every house and shop across the five boroughs b etween 1939 and 1941.

New York in the 1940s A Look Back on NYC Through 45 Fantastic Found

Before Brooklyn became a New York City borough home to 2.6 million people and countless hipster coffee. a 1940 map of Brooklyn's shopping,. South Bend Tribune, the New York Times and more.

1940s New York City documented in historic ‘street view’

Brooklyn 1940s Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images Images Creative Images Browse millions of royalty-free images and photos, available in a variety of formats and styles, including exclusive visuals you won't find anywhere else. See all creative images Trending Image Searches Martin Luther King Jr Paper Texture Family

The 1940 Tax Photos—A WellTraveled Collection — NYC Department of

Charles Dunne swings and misses at a ball during a practice session of a P.A.L. team in Brooklyn, N.Y., June 9, 1943. The catcher is Frank Pesce and the umpire is Joe DiMaggio, not the Big League outfielder. Joe's the coach of the team.

Daily Life in New York in the 1940s Told Through 25 B&W Images

A Melting Pot of Culture Post-war Brooklyn saw an influx of immigrants from Europe, adding to the already diverse mosaic of the borough. Neighborhoods flourished with Italian, Irish, Jewish, and Caribbean influences, each bringing their distinct traditions, foods, and festivals.

1940s New York City documented in historic ‘street view’

A slice of life in the 1940s, Brooklyn, New York I have a particular fascination with ordinary life. I started looking at old photos of my favorite city, Phoenix, many years ago, and often my eye was drawn to the people, frozen in time, doing ordinary stuff. So I started calling it "slice of life". And today I'm in Brooklyn.

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New York City from 1935 to 1940 | A Time of Revitalization and Hope. & Steven D. Garcia of Fine Print New York • 315 Madison Avenue • Email Us • 212.619.5446.

1940’s New York Cityscapes

Once-vibrant neighborhoods fell into disrepair, decay, and poverty. Manufacturing fell by one half between 1954 and 1990, and the Brooklyn dockyards were largely abandoned. Even the Brooklyn Navy.

Daily Life in New York in the 1940s Told Through 25 B&W Images

1940s NYC is a new online interactive map created by NYC-based software engineer Julian Boilen. It's like Google Street View, except every photo taken shows New York City between 1939 and 1941.

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The New York City that emerged from World War II was a dramatically different place than the city that had entered it four years before. The change was in large part due to the war itself, which.

Find out what your NYC building looked like in the 1940s Brooklyn

The archival images show historic 1940s Kings County sites like the working waterfront that has since become Brooklyn Bridge Park, the old townhouses that master builder Robert Moses razed to make way for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and the former elevated train line that ran down Myrtle Avenue.


Beverley Nichols, an English writer, described the NYC of 1940s: More than ever before, as the shop windows filed past in a glittering parade, there was the sense of New York as a great international city to which all the ends of the world had come. London used to be like that, but somehow one had forgotten it, so long had it been since the Hispanos and Isottas had glided down Piccadilly, so.

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1940s NYC is a fascinating website that lets you explore the history and architecture of New York City in the 1930s and 1940s. You can browse thousands of street photos of every building in the city, taken by the Works Progress Administration. Discover how the city looked like before the skyscrapers, the highways, and the urban renewal.

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