Anne de Beaujeu (or Anne of France) Anne was the sister of King Charles

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Anne Of France, (born 1461—died Nov. 14, 1522, Chantelle, Fr.) eldest daughter of Louis XI of France and Charlotte of Savoy, who exercised, with her husband, Pierre de Bourbon, seigneur de Beaujeu, a virtual regency in France from 1483 to 1491, during the early years of the reign of King Charles VIII.

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Anne aux trois noms : Anne de France puisqu'elle est fille de Louis XI, Anne de Beaujeu du jour où elle épouse Pierre, sire de Beaujeu, Anne de Bourbon lorsque son mari devient duc de Bourbon. Née à Genappe en 1461, au temps de l'exil de son père, et morte en 1522 à Chantelle, au coeur de la France, elle a connu quatre rois : Louis XI, Charles VIII, Louis XII et François Ier.

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Anne of France (or Anne de Beaujeu; 3 April 1461 - 14 November 1522) was a French princess and regent, the eldest daughter of Louis XI by Charlotte of Savoy. Anne was the sister of Charles VIII, for whom she acted as regent during his minority from 1483 until 1491.

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Anne, duke de Montmorency, (born March 15, 1493, Chantilly, France—died November 12, 1567, Paris), constable of France who was powerful during the reigns of Francis I, Henry II, and Charles IX.He served in the numerous wars in northern Italy and southern France against Charles V, Holy Roman emperor and king of Spain, and in the campaigns of Charles IX against the Huguenots.

Anne de Beaujeu (or Anne of France) Anne was the sister of King Charles

ISBN 978-2-7084-0962-. Review by Nicola Courtright, Amherst College. Anne de France: Art et pouvoir en 1500, acts of a colloquium that took place in Moulins in March 2012, edited by Thierry Crépin-Leblond and Monique Chatenet, contains relatively brief but invaluable chapters stocked with new information and original interpretations.

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First, Anne de France, dame of Beaujeu, daughter of Louis XI (1423-1483), rose to power at her father's death in order to assist her younger brother, Charles VIII (1470-1498). With the help of her husband, Pierre de Beaujeu (1438-1503),1 she managed the realm for more than a decade and asserted her unequaled influence.

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Anne de Montmorency, duc de Montmorency ( c. 1493 -12 November 1567) was a French noble, governor, royal favourite and Constable of France during the mid to late Italian Wars and early French Wars of Religion. He served under five French kings ( Louis XII, François I, Henri II, François II and Charles IX ).

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Anne of Brittany ( Breton: Anna; 25/26 January 1477 [1] - 9 January 1514 [2]) was reigning Duchess of Brittany from 1488 until her death, and Queen of France from 1491 to 1498 and from 1499 to her death. She was the only woman to have been queen consort of France twice.

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Anne de France (1461-1522), regent for her younger brother Charles VIII (1470-1498), gained the support of hostile barons through gift-giving after the death of her father, Louis XI (1423-1483). Distributing gifts just as a male regent would have done, she received the baronial cooperation that she was seeking in return.

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Anne of Brittany Print Collector / Hulton Archive / Getty Images By Jone Johnson Lewis Updated on October 22, 2019 Known for: the richest woman in Europe in her time; Queen of France twice, married to two kings in succession. Occupation: sovereign Duchess of Burgundy Dates: January 22, 1477 - January 9, 1514

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Anne de France, dite Anne de Beaujeu ou Anne de Bourbon, née en avril 1461 à Genappe ( duché de Brabant, dans les Pays-Bas bourguignons) et morte le 14 novembre 1522 à Chantelle ( duché de Bourbon ), fille aînée de Louis XI, est régente du royaume de France de 1483 à 1491 au début du règne de son frère Charles VIII, avec l'appui de son époux, Pi.

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Anne of France (1461-1522), daughter of Louis XI and sister of Charles VIII, was one of the most powerful women of the fifteenth century. She was referred to by her contemporaries as Madame la.

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Anne of Kiev or Anna Yaroslavna (c. 1030 - 1075) was a princess of Kievan Rus' who became Queen of France in 1051 upon marrying King Henry I.She ruled the kingdom as regent during the minority of their son Philip I from Henry's death in 1060 until her controversial marriage to Count Ralph IV of Valois.Anne founded the Abbey of St. Vincent at Senlis.


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Anne of Brittany is on that very rarified list, having been crowned Queen twice (along with another famous French woman, Eleanor of Aquitaine ). But that is not the reason that Anne of Brittany is today still remembered as one of the leading figures in French history. Now, Anne wasn't just a pretty face with a penchant for fancy headwear.

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