Field Test Sony A7S for Still Photographers Part 3

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Dynamic Range of the Sony a7S III at ISO 640 SLOG3 SGamut3.Cine Shooting the DSC Labs Xyla 21 stepchart (see a writeup of our test procedures here) the following waveform plot is obtained: Waveform plot of the Xyla 21 stepchart of the Sony a7S III at ISO640 in SLOG3 / SGamut3.Cine in UHD 25p mode: around 13 stops are visible above the noise floor.

Really interested if the Sony A7s matches to my r3d Epic. Anybody

The a7S is the third model in Sony's full-frame mirrorless lineup, a 12MP camera that puts as much emphasis on its movie capture capabilities as its still image prowess. While the a7S is a capable still shooter, Sony has emphasized that its real focus (no pun intended) is videography. Recent Videos

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Sony A7S has a massive dynamic range Sony's A7S has a low noise floor which helps it to achieve Sony's claimed 15.3 stops (at least with still shots - and it's not far from that with video). But what does this look like? We've known for some time that the Sony Alpha 7S has a very wide dynamic range.

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With a groundbreaking 35mm large pixel image sensor rated at 15.3-stops of dynamic range and an ISO 409,600 sensitivity2, the α7S reveals astonishing detail and color even in the dead of night. Video excels with Full Pixel Readout, a 4K-optimized sensor and uncompressed 4K output. Fast, intelligent autofocus completes the picture.

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The S in a7S III stands for sensitivity. Along with being able to give a clear picture at high ISO's, the low resolution of the sensor gives the camera larger pixels that also increase its dynamic range. Sony state's 15 stops of dynamic range and they weren't lying. We tested the dynamic range with a DSC Labs Xyla 21 dynamic range test.

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Interpretation We tested usable dynamic range of the given cameras. With 12 stops the usable dynamic range of the A7S comes surprisingly close to the Arri Amira (13.1 stops) with its legendary Alexa sensor ( see our full review here ).

Field Test Sony A7S for Still Photographers Part 3

After testing the sensor dynamics, the Sony A7S III has a DXOMARK sensor rating of 86. That places it in 53rd position in our database of full-frame 35 mm and MF sensors overall, 51st place for full-frame 35 mm, and in 17th place for Sony cameras.

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Crazy Great Dynamic Range With 15 stops of dynamic range, you can fully clamp down any scene with precise clarity. A Flip-Out Screen It is an excellent camera with a flip-out screen for easy recording and vlogging sequences.

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2783 Sony a7S III review Published Feb 3, 2021 | Richard Butler Share Tweet Buy on From $3,498.00 Previous 1 Introduction 2 Next 91% Overall score Jump to conclusion Sony's alpha 7S Mark III is the third iteration in the most video-focused of the company's a7 series of full frame cameras.

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The reason for the cagey attitude from Sony is that true dual base ISO should have near exact same dynamic range and noise performance at both settings and the a7S III, while definitely very good, still isn't the same as if you use the actual base of ISO 640. Dom says it's at ISO 16,000, but actually that was only for pre-production models.

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Sony is coming back strong with the highly anticipated Sony A7S IV. We've got some new information about this camera, which can potentially make it one of a.

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The a7 III more or less matches the base ISO dynamic range of the a7R III, when both are viewed at common size (we've normalized all our graphs to 8MP). That means both cameras will give you similar ability to make use of (brighten) shadows in Raw files if you want to show a wider dynamic range than shown with the default tone curve.

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In terms of dynamic range, Sony says the a7S III can deliver up to 15 stops of dynamic range. But, while it's true that the S-Log3 curve is designed to encode around 15 stops of information, it's not necessarily the case that all of this is usable. Here we've shot a brightness wedge with 13 stops in 1/3EV increments.

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The new Sony A7s II achieved an DxOMark score of 85 points, with a combination of 23.6 bits color sensitivity, 13.3 EV dynamic range, and 2993 ISO low-light score. In spite of the physically large-size pixels (or "sensels," if you prefer), the full-frame sensor in the A7s II ranks a little behind others in the lineup.

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0:00 / 9:11 Sony a7S III How Awesome is the Dynamic Range Really? Carlos Quintero 27.2K subscribers Subscribe 280 Share 10K views 2 years ago FARGO The Sony a7S III is for many people the.

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Optimized video, optimized sensitivity, optimized speed, the Sony a7S III raises the bar for what a full-frame mirrorless camera is capable of. A revised 12.1MP Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor and updated BIONZ XR image processor offer faster performance, improved noise reduction, and a wider dynamic range, along with UHD 4K 120p video recording and internal 10-bit 4:2:2 sampling.

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